Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner Energy Costs

Tips to raise the cool & lower the cost

Does the total on your energy bill make you sweat? Then perhaps it's time to do a little air conditioning maintenance.

Even though many people believe that air conditioners are the only way to beat the summer heat, you can still enjoy your air-conditioned house while doing your part to cut down on any wasted energy your air conditioner is sucking up.

  • Draw drapes, shades, blinds over windows during the daytime or install awnings or window coverings to block out the sun and heat.
  • Install ceiling fans to promote air circulation and fresh breezes.
  • Plant some trees to shade your windows from the direct sunlight.
  • Lower the air conditioning setting while you're out.
  • Check your attic, windows and basement foundation to make sure your home is insulated properly.
  • Have your ducts cleaned.
  • Get your central air conditioning system serviced each spring by your utility company.
  • Have a professional seal and insulate leaky ducts.
  • Clean or replace air conditioner filters once a month or as needed to promote energy efficiency.
  • Seal up holes around plumbing and heating pipes.
  • Is your home painted a dark color? Dark homes absorb 70% to 90% of the sun's energy while light-colored exteriors reflect heat away from your home.
  • Consider replacing standard window panes with coated windows to reduce heat and window glare.
  • Shade room air conditioners from the sun with an AC unit cover ($10-$30) to lessen chances of burn-out.
  • Apply a reflective coating to your roof.
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