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Austin Air Purifiers

A heavy duty air-cleaning alternative

If you're looking for a heavy-duty air-cleaning product, Austin provides an impressive option. With a medical-grade HEPA system, Austin products are built with an all-steel housing. This is a bonus, since plastic components can give off a tainted airborne residue, even as a machine is designed to clean the surrounding air.

Austin machines are clearly among the best on the market. Most HEPA systems are costly to run continuously, but Austin's Air Healthmate models are built to keep going and only use about as much electricity as a light bulb. Tests have shown that the Healthmate can remove 85% of airborne particles in most mid-sized rooms in less than 15 minutes. With three settings to choose from, Austin machines are a cinch to operate; just turn it on and let it do its thing.

Austin air purifiers are not only rugged and solidly built, they also require very little maintenance. In fact they also cover their own air filters in their 5 year limited warranty. They are not built to be fancy, but functional and very much 'hands off' so that you can set it and forget it with the peace of mind that your air quality will improve in no time at all. While you may be able to find other air purifiers for less, Austin air systems eventually come out on top because their filters don't need to be replaced as frequently, usually once every three to five years!

The Austin warranty for all its products is the best you'll find - 5-year mechanical warranty, 5-year pro-rated filter warranty, and 30-day unlimited guarantee. Several different models are offered including the allergy and pet machines which are customized to deal specifically with pollen and pet dander respectively.

Models Available: 9 series, numerous models

Types: HEPA, Hybrid

Room Sizes: 700-1500 square feet

Airflow: 200-400 cfm

Price Range: $339 - $539

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