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Popular home HEPA & hybrid air purifiers

Given that the average person spends about 90 percent of their time indoors, it is absolutely essential to your good health that you have pure, clean air to breathe that is free of pollutants, contaminants and irritants. Bionaire is one of the best-known brands in the industry, based on its popular line of home HEPA or hybrid air purifiers.

HEPA or hybrid air purifiers use high-efficiency particulate absorption technologies to remove particles from indoor air. These air purifiers use one of three modes of action: interception, impaction or diffusion. Each of these three modes of action is adept at trapping particles of particular sizes. Interception and impaction work best with large particles, while diffusion is best at trapping small particles. In fact, HEPA technology is so effective that it is used in vacuum cleaners as well as hospitals and healthcare environments to ensure a clean, pollutant-free environment.

HEPA systems require lots of power, and the Bionaire line has that. With an impressive CADR of more than 300 on some of their models, and a built-in ionizer to help keep dust and pollen particles out of the air, Bionaire provides a solid opportunity to handle air issues within a residence.

In 1998, Bionaire included a line of Ultra HEPA or ULPA air purifiers, which offer the highest filtration available currently on the market. Currently, the company offers a wide range of models, each of which is designed to attack a specific type of indoor pollutants. Bionaire urges consumers to begin by identifying the problem they're trying to solve. The company makes air purifiers that are specifically designed to eliminate dust, attack pollen or remove airborne allergens from indoor environments. If you have a specific type of indoor air pollution problem, your best bet is to purchase a model that was created to address it.

Although they provide noticeable relief for allergy sufferers, the fans of some Bionaire models can be louder than others. The company offers various clean air delivery rates (CADRs), each of which is designed to perform optimally in a room of a specified size. Faster CADRs are better for larger rooms, and slower ones are designed for smaller spaces. Get a demonstration of the model that best suits you for a true test of motor noise.

Models Available: 7
Types: HEPA, Hybrid
Room Sizes: 100-488 square feet
CADR Ratings: Dust 60-315, Tobacco Smoke 65-315, Pollen 60-315
Price Range: $15-$200

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