Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners

Gas Filters

Removing gases & associated odors

Mechanical, electronic and HEPA filters do not effectively remove gases and associated odors. That's where gas-phase filter purifiers come in.

Gas phase filters are relatively new technology. If you are concerned about gases emitted by manufactured goods (such as rugs or cleaning solutions), chemicals (like formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide or sulfur dioxide) or volatile organic compounds, a gas phase cleaner will help.

Gas phase air cleaning units are often equipped with a chemical filter designed to remove certain solvent vapors, odors and low concentrations of gases and vapors indoors. Some models trap odors in an absorbent charcoal or silica gel, while other convert gases into harmless byproducts such as carbon dioxide.

To determine which variety suits your needs, decide on what gas pollutants are threatening your residence before purchasing your unit. And be prepared to follow the cleaning instructions faithfully for best results!

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