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Holmes Air Purifiers

From HEPA air purifiers to smokeless ashtrays

Holmes has been manufacturing air purifier products since 1982. Offering a variety of affordable air purifiers, Holmes has a number of residential offerings from smokeless ashtrays to HEPA air purifiers.

Over the years, Holmes has been responsible for a wide range of industry innovations and new air purification technologies. Their patented contributions include the 1-Touch system as well as AccuSet, AccuTemp and FilterCheck technologies. Today, all their products are tested using the most rigorous standards in the industry and their product line is very well-reviewed, both by industry insiders as well as everyday consumers like you.

Holmes air purifiers are rated in four different categories. Their flagship line includes their family of 99.97 percent HEPA filters, which remove that percentage of pollutants from indoor air when used as directed. They also offer simple HEPA filters, which remove up to 99 percent of the pollutants and irritants from the air you breathe.

The company also offers carbon air filters, which trap larger pollutants and are especially adept at removing odors from indoor spaces. They are an excellent option in kitchens as they neutralize food odors very effectively, and are an excellent choice if there's a smoker in your household and you're looking to reduce the smell of secondhand smoke.

Finally, Holmes air purifiers include a line of products with washable foam filters, which are very easy to clean and trap large particles effectively.

Holmes' Harmony Air products are especially designed to take up less space and reduce noise. A common replacement filter can be used in a variety of models.

Many of Holmes' products are tabletop or personal units. Identify the space requirements you have for air cleaning, and the effectiveness of each model before purchasing. Some models are better than others at addressing specific problems, such as allergens, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen and pet odors. Choosing the model that's specially designed to tackle the type of problem you're having is the best way to get effective relief.

Models Available: 21
Types: HEPA, Mechanical, Hybrid, Electronic
Room Sizes: 11- 460 square feet
CADR Ratings: Dust 18-300, Tobacco Smoke 10-300, Pollen 25-300
Price Range: $20-$250

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