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Honeywell Air Purifiers

Air cleaning for manufacturing & the home

Honeywell is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader in many markets from aerospace products to automotive products to power generation systems. They're also the dominant market player in air cleaning products for home and office.

Providing different models for a variety of needs, Honeywell has numerous portable machines to aid in odor, cat dander, mold, pollen and household dust removal. Their larger products offer wider protection and are most preferred by doctors and health professionals.

Honeywell's QuietCare air purifiers are designed specifically to give state-of-the-art noise reduction (30% quieter in most cases) while still providing powerful HEPA filtration. Some models come with remote and timing operations to allow a programmed schedule for air filtration.

Honeywell also sets the benchmark for reliability with limited 5-year warranties on many of their products.

Models Available: 9 model lines, numerous models
Types: HEPA, Hybrid, Electronic
Room Sizes: 70-505 square feet
CADR Ratings: Dust 45-330, Tobacco Smoke 45-326, Pollen 60-275
Price Range: $100 and up

As we mentioned earlier, Honey well doesn't just make air purifiers. Honeywell is also known for a number of other products. Honeywell valves, for instance, are highly regarded (the company makes pressure reducing valves, bypass valves, motorized valves and more). Honeywell is also known for its programmable thermostats and temperature controls.

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