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Hunter Air Purifiers

100 years of innovative technology

Hunter has been around for more than 100 years starting with innovative ceiling fan technology and moving into other air conditioning, heating and purifying products.

Offering room-sized air cleaners, Hunter's products fall under their two main lines, each including the same basic design functionality. Air blows out from the top of the system so that settled dust particles remain undisturbed. Multiple settings allow the product to go from low, medium to high speed without much of an increase in noise from the fan, although many customers find leaving the model on low speed can create a good clean air space.

Some models come with a color-coded chart inside the housing to identify when a filter requires replacing and many of the filters can be replaced for around $25.

Today, Hunter's flagship line of air purifiers are the QuietFlo family of products. These are especially highly recommended for asthma patients and individuals with severe allergies. In fact, Hunter's air purifiers are one of the top-recommended brands by doctors around the country. They boast a 99.97 percent efficiency rating at removing particles that are at least 0.3 microns in size.

The company also continues to service its older models by offering a wide range of replacement filters, maintenance products and customer support. If you have an older Hunter QuietFlo model, or a Hunter HEPAtech or PermaLife model, you can still get all the parts and service you need to keep it running strong and keeping your indoor air pure and safe to breathe.

Reliability is part of the Hunter tradition. Many models come with a five-year limited warranty for the motor, and a year on the cord, ionizers and front grill. The company is well-known for producing products that are both very effective and extremely durable, and you can expect a long life from any Hunter air purifier that you buy. The company also offers models across all price ranges, so you can enjoy an effective air purifier even if you only have a limited amount of money to spend.

Models Available: QuietFlo (11 models); HEPATech (4 models)
Types: HEPA, Hybrid
Room Sizes: 46-411 square feet
CADR Ratings: Dust 47-260, Tobacco Smoke 30-265, Pollen 68-260
Price Range: $50-$200

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