Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners

Hybrid Purifiers

Combining multiple filter technologies

Hybrid purifiers are those that use at least two different types of filter technology. A common hybrid purifier combines an ion generator with a mechanical filter in a one self-contained portable unit. Another popular hybrid is the electret media filter, which uses flat-panel filters made from a synthetic fiber that retains an electrostatic charge to attract airborne particles. Similarly, ionizing charged-filters also exist that can be added to standard mechanical or HEPA systems.

The combinations between HEPA, mechanical, electronic and gas purifiers are seemingly endless. What is most important is understanding the dimensions of the space you want to clean, and the current problems with your air quality.

Hybrid filters are susceptible to the benefits and drawbacks of the other technologies they employ. A hybrid containing a HEPA filter will provide protection for particles in the air measuring at.3 microns or larger, but be a significant drain in electricity to provide adequate suction. Ionizing charged purifiers work especially well in conjunction with a system that draws in a vacuum, but require more frequent cleaning of the filters and rooms.

Another concern is the ozone created as a byproduct of some hybrid purifiers. By utilizing multiple air purifying methods, greater levels of ozone can be manufactured - which can be potentially harmful to your family's health.

For a lasting solution that will improve the air quality in your home and create maximum health benefits, make sure you take the time to research the problem before jumping at whatever solution others may recommend. Make sure to find a hybrid purifier that is designed to clean the amount of air in the problem area. This can get expensive if you need to find a unit that can filter the air throughout your home, but settling for a cheaper model that cannot filter sufficient air will just result in wasted money.

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