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Remove dust, odors & other pollutants

Home air ionizers replenish a room's supply of negative ions, which are essential for clean and pure air. While a home normally possesses less than 100 negative ions per cubic centimeter, healthy outdoor air has up to 4,000 negative ions present. In fact, the highest levels of negative ions can be found in the pristine areas of the world - such as the Himalayas, the Alps and Antarctica!

Home air ionizers improve air quality by removing dust, odors and other common pollutants. Negative ions generated by the air cleaner literally attach themselves to microscopic particles, which then become too heavy to remain airborne.

Medical experts have long claimed that the process of boosting interior ion supply helps with sleep, depression, allergies, tension, exhaustion and a long list of other ailments.

Air ionizers are becoming increasingly popular in North America, and many homeowners have found that they are affordable, practical and effective in improving air quality. Many of the latest designs are extremely compact, quiet, easy to maintain and contain no filters that require replacement.

Keep in mind that even the highest quality air ionizers release small amounts of ozone into the environment. While ozone can be toxic to bacteria found in the air, it also becomes dangerous to humans at the same concentration levels. It's recommended that people shouldn't be exposed to any more than 0.1 parts per million in the air that they breathe or damage to the lungs and olfactory bulb cells may result.

It's also been noted that sufficient quantities of the negative ions generated by air ionizers are beneficial for treating Seasonal affective disorder. While this may be an added benefit to owning an ionizer, it shouldn't be your sole reason for making such a purchase.

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