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Oreck Air Purifiers

Specializing in ionic air cleaners

While other companies focus on creating HEPA filter systems, Oreck capitalizes on the low cost of electronic units, and offers three models of ionic air cleaners. Another great bonus is that Oreck makes their filters to last for the life of the machine. Easy to clean, the filters can be removed and replaced periodically to ensure best use of the product. The company is well-known for making products that last a long time and are very easy to maintain.

Oreck even makes a small model designed to keep the air inside your refrigerator fresh, cutting down on odors and bacteria. The fridge model operates on "C" cell batteries. But this tiny air cleaner is in stark contrast to Oreck's huge multi-room device. This filtering system renews up to 18,000 cubic feet an hour. Add in aromatic attachments to provide a scent to your rooms if you wish. Oreck air purifiers are ideal for use in indoor environments of all types and sizes, though. Whether you want to purify a small, medium or large room, or have a particular problem like dust, pollen or cigarette smoke, there's an Oreck model out there that's just right for your situation.

Most Oreck models are capable of completely cleaning and recirculating the air of a 12' x 18' room twice per hour. Oreck air purifiers trap not only dust and airborne particles, but also bacteria, mold, pollen and allergens. Many of the company's newer models feature self-cleaning filters that will never need to be replaced. All you have to do is remove it, rinse it off, and reinsert it back into the air purifier.

You can also purchase models that are specifically designed to ease asthma or eliminate odors from rooms. The latter option is particularly appealing if you have pets or smokers living in your household.

Oreck also offers some great sales incentives. Some of their units are sold with a "buy one, get one at half price" opportunity. Free shipping and free gifts are also intermittently available to consumers who choose to shop directly on the company's website.

Models Available: 3
Types: Electronic
Room Sizes: 30-50 square feet
Capacity: 140-18,000 cubic feet/hour
Price Range: $200-$500

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