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UV Air Purifiers

Cleaning the air with UV is safe & effective

Using ultraviolet light waves to clean air is rapidly gaining popularity as a safe and highly effective alternative to other home air purifiers. UV light purifiers are especially effective when used in combination with central air conditioning systems in the home.

UV purifiers attach to your central air and heating system and use small mercury vapor lamps to generate UV waves that actually kill mold, bacteria, fungus, yeast and other airborne pollutants. The system cleans and sterilizes the entire home environment, including ducts and vents, and produces no odors or ozone emissions.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps sanitize the air that is passed through their path, destroying any pathogens that make contact with the UV rays. UV germicidal irradiation has been studied for over 100 years and has been used to effectively remove the microbes present inside homes and businesses that cause allergies like mildew, mold and fungi while also attacking odors. The Centers for Disease Control also recommend UV germicidal lamps and that they can cleanse the air from airborne diseases like smallpox, tuberculosis, flu, cold viruses, anthrax and even Legionnaires Disease.

UV purifiers can cost from $300-$500 and can usually be installed by the homeowner or by a heating and air conditioning contractor. The higher up-front cost of these units, however, is offset by the lack of costly filters to replace. And you'll never pay to have your air ducts cleaned again! There is very little maintenance required to keep your UV lamps working efficiently. They need to be kept dust free and the UV lamp bulbs should be replaced each year for maximum effectiveness; otherwise the lamps may last up to three years with decreasing efficiency. UV purifying lamps work great in any building with a forced air heating or cooling system.

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