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Window Fans

A home cooling alternative

With electricity prices rising, people are looking for alternatives to cooling their homes more efficiently. The use of strategically placed window fans may be the answer. There are a variety of window fans that can cool the home while reducing the cost of your electrical bills. These include whole house window fans, window exhaust fans and window mounted fans. Purchasing two fans with reverse dual controls can maximize the cool air flow by switching the fan's intake after dark.

Whole house window fans may be used in the place of air conditioners when the air outside the home is cooler than the air in the home. To determine the type and size of the whole house fan needed, a person should measure the cubic feet of the area needed to be cooled. While most air conditioners use 6,000 watts per hour, a whole house fan may only use 118 to 600 watts per hour, thus lowering the cost of energy.

Window exhaust fans reduce the humidity in the home. It is particularly wise to place these in bathrooms and kitchens, to combat mold. They easily mount in the window and come with sliding panels to ensure a secure fit. A person simply needs to measure the window space and choose the right size of fan. Mounted window fans are exactly that, mounted to the frame of the window. These are chosen for permanent placement. They fit in the window area and have panels that overlap the sills.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the fan and the cubic feet per hour the fan needs to cover. You can get fans for as little as $39 to $300.

When choosing window units, one must take into consideration which room to install it in. Using your home's natural air circulation flow goes a long way toward using your fan efficiently. There are other things to consider when buying any type of window fan as well, such as being able to close a storm window behind it on rainy days, or being able to remove it during the winter months with little difficulty. Also, think of pets and small children when choosing the style of the window unit. The unit should have openings large enough to allow maximum air flow, but not large enough to allow fingers or small objects to be inserted into the fan blades.

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