Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier Brands

Well-known doesn't always mean well-made

With all products come glitches and annoyances, and dehumidifiers are certainly no exception. Don't be surprised if you find the majority of reviewers complaining about very similar things with all brand-name products. It's pretty hard to find a review not mentioning excessively noisy or hard-to-move dehumidifiers, unless of course it's about something like a Soleus.

Energy Star

Increasingly, manufacturers are jumping on board with Energy Star compliance, meaning you'll spend less money to run the machine. Looking at the machine's specifics, rather than the rating, is a good idea, since some go above and beyond requirements and can save you even more on operating costs. Wattage is the best indicator of efficiency. If the number of watts isn't provided, you can figure it out yourself by multiplying amps by volts.

What users think

One of the better ways to figure out how a dehumidifier will perform when you get it home is to listen to current or past users. All manufacturers may claim their product works better and is quieter, but the users can relate their actual experiences and help you decide what's accurate and what's not. You'll find juicy tidbits of information, such as tales of encounters with customer service representatives and lists of parts that may become easily damaged. You'll also hear from the buyers whether they consider the price they paid to be worthwhile. User reviews are easy to find online: just type the product name and the word review into your search engine and see what pops up. Or, let us do the work for you and check out our individual brand overviews.

What the company says

One indication of a manufacturer's trustworthiness is the amount of disclosure they provide. A company that gives you a lot of details about a product - like Frigidaire does by stating bucket size and daily capacity and Therma Stor does by detailing how many pints per kilowatt-hour their units are capable of - allows you to make choices with facts and specifications rather than vague promises. Look for detailed warranty information, and make sure any parts that will be replaced frequently, like filters, will be easy to find and cost what you are willing to pay.

The most important features for each user may not belong to the brand name they prefer, whether it's Whirlpool or DeLonghi. A poor customer service report or talk of frequent defects might just make you reconsider the brand you love.

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