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DeLonghi Dehumidifiers

Service center scarcity

Four basic dehumidifiers (DE 400, 400P, 500, 500P) with capacities of 40 or 50 pints put DeLonghi units in the midrange for most home dehumidifiers. Price range, on the other hand, is more in the high end. Spending between $200 and $400 will get you coverage of 2,200 to 2,900 square feet.

Notable features

  • Energy Star - All DeLonghi dehumidifiers are Energy Star rated, but in compiling this information, it was nearly impossible to find reliable technical specifications about the dehumidifiers. Other than the Energy Star rating, it's unclear how much energy the products actually use.
  • Side air discharge - Placing these dehumidifiers is pretty simple thanks to a well-positioned intake /outtake grille. Side mounting means they can sit directly against any wall.
  • Washable air filter - A permanent filter traps impurities like dust from the air before it's sent back out of the unit.
  • Pump with 16-foot drainage tube - The models ending in "P" come equipped with a pump system that automatically drains water from the holding tank. A 16-foot hose allows water to be drained upward, possibly through a window. A smaller three-foot drainage tube is included with all units.
  • Programmable timer - A 24-hour timer allows the user to set dehumidification to start and stop when required.
  • Low-temperature operation - These dehumidifiers are meant for basements, with an operating range of 44 to 90 degrees farenheit.

Other features include casters for portability, digital displays, humidistat controls and overfill protection for the water tank, which consists of a warning light and an alarm activated when the tank needs to be emptied. Because they can remove 40 to 50 pints daily, the approximately 10-pint water tank will need to be emptied several times if the drainage tube isn't used.


While some have written very positive reviews, most users seem to have had serious problems with this brand of dehumidifiers. Some minor issues mentioned include a rear-loading bucket, no restart after power outages and a short one-year warranty. There is a limited four-year warranty that only covers the compressor, evaporator, condenser and refrigerant tubing parts, but not labor.

One issue noted several times was the consumer having to pay for shipping to a service centre when problems arose. Some also noted a lack of service centers (fewer than the company claimed) and poor customer service. Others said the dehumidifiers were not adequately packaged for shipping and arrived damaged. Several dehumidifiers were said to work only a few days or arrive with unaddressed factory defects. Several users commented about the pumps failing, ice buildup and loud operation. Most user reviews give Delonghi very poor ratings, around one or two stars out of five.

Those who had good things to say liked DeLonghi dehumidifiers because they worked well, looked stylish and lasted a long time. Several reviewers did give up to five stars.

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