Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Frigidaire Dehumidifiers

A trusted brand with bargain prices

The three Frigidaire dehumidifiers we looked at are all Energy Star rated and come in at the lower end of the purchase price scale. They cost between $180 and $250 and pull in 370, 530 or 730 watts of electricity.

The FDL 25P, 45P and 60P are capable of removing as much moisture as the names indicate - 25, 45 or 60 pints per day - and work in rooms up to 3,000 square feet. The energy factor is 1.3 L/kWh for the smallest and 1.5 L/kWh for the other two. All three hold 17 pints in the water tank. Frigidaires come with a comprehensive one-year warranty and limited five-year coverage on the sealed refrigeration system (compressor, condenser, evaporator and tubing).

Other features are rolling casters, dual fan speeds, continuous operation with drain access, a light to indicate when the water tank is full, electronic controls with a digital readout, operation in low temperatures and washable filters. All three models come in a durable, white plastic case.


Users give mostly favorable reviews for Frigidaire dehumidifiers, especially when speaking of the prices, which are below many others. Prices can easily be much higher for other trusted dehumidifier brands. There is consensus that the units operate a lot more quietly than others and have simple, easy-to-use controls. Users like the digital readout and variable humidity settings, as well as the hygrometer, which they say accurately displays the current humidity. There have also been comments that the Frigidaire dehumidifier line is attractive, works quickly to remove moisture and has an easy-to-remove (and handle) water tray.

Notable negative comments are that the units don't turn back on after a power outage; they have to be restarted by the user. If they are left to do the job while you are away on vacation, for instance, you might not come home to a moisture-free house. Several users found it difficult to set the machines up for continuous emptying to a drain because of "inaccurate and unclear" instructions.

Users note frustration when emptying the Frigidaire dehumidifier's water reservoir before the indicator light comes on. The unit has to be turned off and back on to restart. There were also some concerns with noise level.

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