Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Soleus Dehumidifiers

Quiet, attractive and efficient

Immediately, the most noticeable thing about Soleus dehumidifiers is that they consistently get five-star ratings from users. At the time of this article, has Soleus dehumidifiers as the top two rankings overall, and reviews are predominantly in their favor.

Three models for the home offer a range of capacities, taking from 25 to 65 pints of water out of the air each day. Each can be used with the included bucket or modified to pump water directly into a nearby drain. Prices are pretty average, ranging from $150 to just over $200. All have washable air filters, casters for portability, automatic defrost, auto shutoff (which won't fill the bucket past 5.5 L), adjustable humidistats and automatic restart if power is interrupted. The largest model is ideal for operation in basements because it works in temperatures as low as 41 F.

The following table compares Soleus' three home models:

Model #





25 pints

40 pints

65 pints

Tank Capacity

11.6 pints

11.6 pints

11.6 pints






28 pounds

31 pounds

49.5 pounds

Noise Level

41 decibels

43 decibels

46 decibels

Almost silent

Almost all reviews praise Soleus dehumidifiers for virtually silent operation. The low decibel level is almost perfect for units that will be used in living or sleeping spaces. Decibel levels between 40 and 50 are often compared to a quiet home, restaurant, or residential area at night in terms of noise intrusion.


Several Soleus users have used words like "best" in their descriptions. They say Soleus dehumidifiers are some of the quietest on the market, in addition to being compact and lightweight, portable, good at moisture removal and easy to clean. It has also been mentioned numerous times that they are very easy on electricity.

Downfalls mentioned have been plastic parts and a small bucket that needs emptying often but doesn't have a sufficient handle for removing or carrying it. Others have said they don't like the fan being in continuous operation, although it must be mentioned that the fan has a purpose - keeping humidity circulated to avoid moisture pockets in corners of the room. For the most part, negatives have been called small inconveniences for good overall products. However, there have also been reviews that speak of poor customer service if Soleus products experience breakdowns or defects.

The bottom line

Good prices and better operation make Soleus dehumidifiers a popular choice among consumers. If energy efficiency, quiet operation and easy use are important dehumidifier features for you, they're worth looking into before you buy.

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