Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Therma-Stor Dehumidifiers

Meeting residential and commercial needs

Energy Star products make up most of Therma-Stor's line. Consider the long-term money-saving benefits against the much higher purchase price to decide if they are worth the investment.

Santa Fe free-standing dehumidifiers

High capacity and energy efficient, these dehumidifiers are promised to provide the best humidity control in a free-standing unit. A range of four dehumidifiers come recommended for use in basements, crawlspaces and finished occupied areas. They work in temperatures ranging from 55 F to 95 F, and some can remove up to 136 pints every 24 hours. They consume as little as 5 to almost 7 P/kWh (pints per kilowatt hour). The 725- to 1300-watt machines can cover over 3,000 square feet. Options and extras include noise-reduction and condensation-pump kits, remote humidistats, rolling casters and air filter housings. The units can be set for between 20 and 80 percent humidity. Some have been rated among the top performers in a list of dehumidifiers by

Ultra-Aire ducted dehumidifiers

An air-purifying dehumidifier, the Ultra-Aire provides air filtration, fresh-air ventilation and humidity control for the entire home. Fresh outdoor air is mixed with indoor air before it's all filtered to remove particles and dehumidified to keep relative humidity below 50 percent. These units can be purchased to cover a home from 2,200 to 3,500 square feet and can remove between 90 and 140 pints per day at 80 degrees farenheit and 60 percent relative humidity. The in-duct dehumidifiers range from 725 to 1380 watts.

Why they say they're the best

The company says that since many residential dehumidifiers only rate pints per day using indoor conditions of 80 degrees farenheit with 60 percent relative humidity, efficiency is much lower when they're used in cooler areas like basements and crawlspaces. They are also of the opinion that dehumidifying just one room isn't sufficient because the humidity in the rest of the home will overwhelm your efforts. According to Therma-Stor's FAQ, it would cost about $20 per month to run the Santa Fe or Ultra-Aire if they were removing 65 pints every day. Using two smaller residential units to equal that removal amount would cost almost three times as much.

HI-E Dry commercial dehumidifiers

Innovations mean improved performance for these commercial dehumidifiers. The high capacity machines have smaller , therefore costing less and requiring a smaller electrical load. Machines of this capacity can be used for indoor pools and saunas, locker rooms, hospitals, factories, pumping stations and archives.

There are two main models:

  • The 195 removes over 190 pounds of water daily while drawing 1380 watts of electricity. Its energy factor can vary from 5 to 5.9 P/kWh.
  • The 100 draws 780 watts and can remove 110 pounds of water daily in average conditions. Its energy factor is between 6 and 6.8 P/kWh.
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