Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Whirlpool Dehumidifiers

Home use in many situations

Whirlpool, one of the most well-known brand name home dehumidifiers, breaks down its line of products into standard, ultra low temperature and basement categories. All Whirlpool dehumidifiers are Energy Star rated and cost between $150 and $300 - not a bad price for the average purchaser.


The only standard Whirlpool dehumidifier at this time costs about $150. It removes a lower-end 25 pints per day and operates in temperatures as low as 65 F. It has an external drain connector, rolling casters, an 18-pint bucket, auto shutoff and a "full" indicator. It draws 1725 watts.

Ultra low temperature

These dehumidifiers were built with the cool, damp areas of your home in mind. They can withstand temperatures as low as 38 F or 44 F. With water-removing capabilities between 40 and 70 pints per day, they cover pretty substantial areas. However, the water bucket will only hold about 15 to 18 pints at a time, so regular emptying will be necessary. The good thing is they have an auto shutoff feature when the bucket is full and an indicator light letting you know when it's time to dump the water. A drain-hose connection gives the option of almost completely automated use. These are the most expensive of Whirlpool's dehumidifiers and draw between 1725 and 2300 watts.


Basement dehumidifiers operate at temperatures lower than standard models but higher than the specifically low-temperature models (about 55 F). They remove 40 or 50 pints per day and run on 1725 watts. They also come with the indicator light, rolling casters, drain connector, auto shutoff, and adjustable humidistat. A coil defroster senses when ice is about to form and shuts the compressor off. When coil temperature increases, the system turns back on. Bucket capacities of 15 or 18 pints are the standard.

A few features

AccuDry - This feature senses moisture before it's removed from the air and cycles the machine on and off accordingly. Warm air exhausts directly out the back of the unit, meaning placement against a wall might be a bad idea.

EZ-Empty bucket - This removes from the front and has side handles for easy emptying. A spout at the top prevents splattering.


Whirlpool dehumidifiers get generally good ratings in online user reviews. Users comment on the attractive design, easy-to-empty water buckets and trusted name.

A few users complained that they had to punch a hole in the bucket to connect a hose. If the dehumidifier is moved to a room with no drain, a hose end-cap or a new bucket will have to be purchased. Some users have mentioned that the units use a lot of electricity, and some say excessive noise (vibration and high-pitched whining) is a problem.

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