Furnace Filters

3M Furnace Filters

Economical alternatives provide big benefit

3M is known for its innovations in many areas, including furnace filters. Not only are their products easily affordable for most homeowners, but they have been found in independent testing to be among the best, even when compared to significantly more expensive systems. Their furnace filters range in price from a few to $20, and they can be bought at many locations.

Five models provide varying levels of filtration, from basic coverage to allergy furnace filters . An online quiz at the company's website advises consumers what filter would be best for them based on living conditions and personal health.

Efficiency ratings

3M's Filtrete line goes beyond the usual MERV efficiency rating by focusing on a filter's ability to capture particles between .3 and 1 micron. This is known as the Micro-particle Performance Rating (MPR). The higher the MPR, the better.

All Filtrete filters

All filters in 3M's Filtrete line:

  • Contain electrostatically charged fibers that attract particles like a magnet.
  • Last up to 3 months.
  • Are made of material that won't support bacteria, mold, mildew or fungi growth.
  • Have no unnecessary antimicrobial chemicals added.
  • Meet the American Lung Association Health House indoor-air-quality guidelines.

Filtrete Ultra Allergen Filter

Designed for allergy sufferers, this filter:

  • Captures 90 percent of large allergens like mold spores and pet dander.
  • Captures microscopic dust, smoke and smog particles.
  • Captures bacteria and virus-carrying particles.
  • Has a MERV rating of 11, with 3M's MPR rating of 1250.

Filtrete Allergen Filter

This filter:

  • Outperforms all competing 1-inch filters, according to 3M.
  • Captures larger allergens, including mold spores, pollen and pet dander.
  • Captures microscopic dust, smoke and smog particles.
  • Is rated MERV 11 and MPR 1100.

Filtrete Micro Allergen Filter

Also for allergy sufferers, this filter:

  • Captures airborne micro-particles, including smoke and smog; airborne allergens, such as pollen, pet dander and mold spores; and large particles, including dust and lint.
  • Has a MERV rating of 11 and an MPR of 1000.

Filtrete Micro Particle Filter

Designed for basic home coverage, this filter:

  • Works better than other non-electrostatic, pleated, washable 1-inch filters, according to 3M.
  • Captures particles (dust, pet dander) and allergens (mold spores, pollen).
  • Is rated MERV 9 and MPR 700.

Filtrete Dust and Pollen Filter

This basic 3M filter:

  • Captures large airborne allergens (mold spores, large dust).
  • Is good for high-velocity home heating equipment.
  • Is rated MERV 8 and MPR 600.

Since furnace filters need air blowing through them continuously to work their best, costs could be added if you don't have a high-efficiency furnace fan. With Filtrete, you can also purchase a stand-alone unit to use the filters in.

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