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American Air Filter (AAF) Furnace Filters

A wide variety of choices

American Air Filter (AAF) has a finger on the pulse of almost every furnace filter type out there. As well they should; they've been making air filters since the 1920s. It's no surprise AAF is one of the most well-known and trusted brands. A bevy of furnace filter styles includes gas-phase, electrostatic and pleated, with a long list of choices for each.

Like most home furnace filters, AAF models last up to three months, depending on how many particles are in the home and how often the furnace fan runs. So keep in mind that if you plan to get the full benefit from these air filters, electricity costs to run the fan will also be much higher. AAF furnace filters can be very basic models meant to protect the HVAC system or specialty filtering systems that can remove a lot of contaminants.

A few American Air Filter furnace filters

ElectroKlean -These 1-inch, electrostatic, washable filters use airflow to create an electrostatic charge for attracting and capturing particles. An antimicrobial treatment stops the spread of trapped bacteria. They are rated MERV 7 and cost around $15.

BreatheRight Ultra Allergy Shield - American Air Filter claims this 1-inch furnace filter is 225 percent more effective than standard fiberglass filters. Pleats allow the filter to cover six times the space and capture mold spores, dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and particles that may carry viruses. Electrostatic charges caused by air flowing through the filter allow it to act like a magnet and attract particles. It is rated MERV 11.

Cut-N-Fit Natural Fiber Pad - Firm sheets of resin-coated material with a net backing make up the 1-inch Cut-N-Fit customizable furnace filters. Fibers making up the pad are half coconut and half hog's hair. The filters can last up to three months but must be washed monthly for best performance. They have a MERV rating of 4.

Gas-Phase - Replacement panels come with adsorbents like activated or impregnated carbon and potassium permanganate to remove a variety of volatile organic compounds, gases and odors. Dual purpose media are available for both odor and particulate collection.

Some of these basic home-use furnace filters from American Air Filter can be purchased online, but others have to be obtained through dealers.

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