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Portable space heaters are an excellent and cost-effective way to heat a room without the help of a central heating unit. Whether it's an electric space heater for mobile home or a propane space heater as a necessity in an emergency kit, portable space heaters are a must for any homeowner. This is why it's important for owners to understand the pros, cons and safety procedures for the many different types of portable space heaters.

Gas Space Heater Safety

Natural gas space heaters use fuels such as propane. These portable space heaters are ideal for emergency kits and camping trips when there is no access to a central heating unit and electricity is no longer an option. A propane space heater is an absolute must-have for temperate climate areas where a power outage or an emergency during a winter storm could have serious consequences. A small cache of safely stored propane tanks is an easy and inexpensive means of keeping any space warm for extended periods of time.

Because of their use of natural gas, gas space heaters should be given extra care when in use. Before even using one, the owner should have on hand the three basic items of portable space heater safety: a smoke detector, a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide detector. The smoke detector and fire extinguisher should be kept in the room with the portable space heater at all times; under no circumstances should a portable space heater of any sort be used without these.

A carbon monoxide detector is extremely important for any natural gas or propane space heaters because if there is insufficient ventilation, carbon monoxide could suffocate anyone in the room with the heater. Most gas space heaters come with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) that can detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and then automatically shut themselves off. Also, the fuel for these heaters should be kept in another room; any fire that may break out will only become exacerbated by flammable material in the room.

Electric Space Heater Safety

An electric space heater is a common and useful addition to any household. They are safe, cheap and easy to use, but they can still be fire hazards and should be treated with care. As with any portable space heater, a distance of at least three feet should be maintained between the heater and anything else in the room that may catch fire. A tip-over shut-off mechanism is ideal for any electric portable space heater. This shut-off is important because electric space heaters come in many different sizes and can, at times, be easily knocked over by a pet or child. For this reason, never leave a portable space heater unattended (even when sleeping) – the risk to life and property is just too great. If you're following basic electrical safety procedures and monitoring the heater as it's being used, then an electric space heater is ideal and safe for your short-term heating needs.

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