Health Issues

Health Issues

How your health ties into your home

Personal health and well-being is an important issue these days. With increasing numbers of people suffering from asthma, allergies and other environmental sensitivities, maintaining a healthy home can be an important step to protecting the immune system and fending off illness. Many persistent health problems can be controlled, if not cured, just by avoiding underlying causes and triggers.

Problems in the building

Some homeowners worry about issues like mold growth and want to make sure they know how to prevent it before it starts or get rid of any that's already there. Another health concern might be the presence of asbestos in the building materials or insulation of the home. Although some forms of asbestos have been deemed not to pose a significant threat, homeowners may still want to know where it is and how they can lower their exposure.

How safe is the water?

Water quality is another area altogether. A poorly constructed, ventilated or maintained building will usually just make you sick in the short term; contaminated water can cause death. Most homes draw water from public systems, which would seem to be a safer alternative to private wells. Municipal water systems don't often harbor contaminants that cause serious illness. But in the past, they have been the source of diseases of varying degrees.

Today's homeowners and renters want further reassurance that the water they drink is the best possible quality, so they use backup water filters and purifiers. When water contaminants are involved, it's best to test and take precautions instead of relying on someone else's monitoring.

Chemicals in the air

The issue of air quality in the home all comes down to volatile organic compounds - toxic chemical gases that invade indoor air and can cause serious health effects. The scary thing is these Volatile Organic Compounds, as they are commonly known, enter into the home through seemingly harmless materials and products and build up over time.

Preventive measures

But once you know the risks, there are ways to protect yourself and your family. From water and air filters, to machines for adding and removing moisture, you can make your home-health worries a thing of the past!

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