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Finding Replacement Filters

Avoid the hassles of a filter search

Here at Purity Planet, we get a lot of requests from people looking for replacement filters for their vacuum cleaner, humidifier - pretty much anything you can purchase that requires a parts change. The problem is, if you buy a product that gets discontinued, or one that isn't popular with the masses, it can be hard to find the right components later on. So, although we don't sell products on this site, we thought it would be a good idea to let the problems we've encountered serve as a warning for future buyers.

The best way to avoid the problem: buy from a reputable company and choose a product that is popular or has been around for some time. Fly-by-night companies might offer better deals initially, but if you can't find replacement filters, the savings won't hold up in the long run.

How to make sure you won't have problems

When you are looking for products that aid in maintaining a healthy home, try to do some research into the future of your purchase. Find out what components, if any, will need to be replaced, and when. Look around to find out if the parts are available from a variety of sources or just a few. Check to see if stores in your area or any large online retailers sell the replacement filters.

Reading forums and user reviews are usually the best way to find out if a certain filter is hard to find. That's often one of the first things a reviewer will mention if they have complaints. No matter how much you may like an air purifier, it's not worth buying if you find users who have mentioned that the air filters are hard to find.

Generic or reusable alternatives

Another way to avoid an annoying search for replacement filters is to buy products that can accept generic filters. The more companies that make the same filter, the less chance you'll be out of luck when you need a new one. Reusable filters are also a good choice because you can clean them out and put them right back into the unit.

Finally, some people prepare for replacement at the time of purchase, buying a long-term supply of filters so they won't have to go looking for replacements for several months or even years.

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