Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Holmes Humidifiers

Self-monitoring and reusable filters

Holmes sells cool- and warm-mist humidifiers ranging from a few hundred to several thousand square feet in coverage and holding one to five-plus gallons of water. Waterless vaporizers are also an option from this company, which has been in the home comfort business since the early 1980s.

LifeLong filters

These reusable filters put composite materials to work filtering out mineral deposits from your water. Holmes recommends cleaning the filter when needed by adding anti-bacterial dish soap to warm water and soaking the filter for 15 to 20 minutes before pressing (to release soapy water) and rinsing it. The good news is if you're using the humidifier right away, you don't need to wait for the filter to dry.

"The Holmes difference is the details"

Holmes promotes several techniques to ensure clean and long-lasting operation. Microban anti-microbial protection is built into the products' plastic parts and filters to inhibit bacteria and mold growth. Other features included in some Holmes humidifiers are Teflon-coated heating elements for easier cleaning, medicine cups, auto shutoff and remote-control operation.

Two relatively unique Holmes features are:

  • AccuSet - A digital humidistat that allows users to set their desired humidity level to the exact percentage, where it will be constantly regulated. Simple operation and an easily readable display are bragging points for Holmes. The humidistats are available on several cool-mist humidifiers.
  • FilterCheck - Almost all Holmes cool-mist humidifiers use this monitoring system to alert users when the wick needs replacing. For humidifiers without it, replacement or cleaning is recommended every one to two months, or when the wick turns mostly brown. The filters are a pretty decent price, usually under $10. Holmes also sells its own mineral-deposit cleaning product for about $5.

Holmes humidifiers are generally well-received by users and testers alike. Consumer Reports ranked one Holmes evaporative humidifier as the top choice for performance, as well as a Quick Pick for good operation with hard water. Users who have reviewed Holmes humidifiers say the bigger models provide a lot of humidity compared to others of similar size and like the option of setting a humidistat.

Downfalls include noise, console models being too large and hard to refill, unattractive designs, the wick filter drying out in cool-mist models and the filter monitor not working properly. Some users have also had problems with humidistats doing a poor job of regulating humidity when the indoor temperature changes, parts breaking and products having a short lifespan.

A five-year limited warranty covers many potential problems, and a price range of $30 to $150 makes these humidifiers a good choice for price-conscious consumers.

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