Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Honeywell Humidifiers

Single-room and whole-home options

Honeywell is a leading name in home humidification and covers almost all the bases, from single-room tabletop and console units to whole-house humidification. They are also fairly consistent in being rated well in independent professional reviews and user reviews alike. Several of their products have placed among the top two spots in Consumer Reports product ratings, having been found to be efficient, cost effective and quiet and to meet or exceed output claims.

Tabletop and console

With prices ranging anywhere from $45 to $140 and models varying from vaporizers to warm- or cool-mist humidifiers, there is a lot to choose from with Honeywell. The smallest units emit about 3 gallons of moisture each day, and larger consoles can send out up to 11.

The coverage range is between 650 and 2,300 square feet.

Many units come with digital controls and programmable functions for maintaining humidity while the homeowner is away. They also have sanitizing and filtering features such as UV light sanitation; air-washing filters to capture dust, pollen and dirt; cleaning cartridges to reduce mineral buildup; ionizers for fresher air; and filters to prevent bacteria.

Whole-house humidifiers

Honeywell whole-house humidifiers come in flow-through, drum or steam humidifiers.

The Clean Steam humidifier works when the heating system isn't running, activating the fan when needed. Two-stage water treatment eliminates scale buildup that can cause heating-element failure. The first stage removes chlorine and the second, a reverse osmosis filter, removes dissolved solids and other contaminants. A seam-free reservoir means less chance of repairs, and compact size allows easier placement. Low-water and over-heating cutoff switches, as well as overflow protection, ensure safety. The Honeywell steam humidifier covers 3,000 square feet and evaporates up to 13 gallons of water per day. An automatic flushing timer cuts water waste. But watch out; this 1500-watt appliance's energy usage could really add up.

Honeywell's flow-through humidifiers are bypass or powered. They are either automatically or manually controlled and can output between 12 and 18 gallons per day. Anti-microbial humidifier pads inhibit bacteria growth, and Perfect Flow water-distribution trays distribute water evenly over the pad. All have shut-off dampers for summer.

The drum humidifier can cover homes up to 2,000 square feet, putting out 17 gallons of water daily. With no drain, it helps reduce water usage and makes installation a breeze. Humidifier pads are expected to last about six months.


All Honeywell whole-home humidifiers come with an extensive five-year warranty, at least twice what most other manufacturers offer.


Honeywell humidifiers usually get positive ratings (around three or more stars) and good reviews, with users saying they are quiet, work quickly and maintain humidity well. Complaints have included trouble refilling, a constant need for refilling, water pooling and high noise levels.

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