Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Hunter Humidifiers

Long history but varying reviews

With an easy-to-use vaporizer and humidifiers best suited to medium- and large-sized rooms, Hunter is a company with a long history of products geared to improving indoor air quality. In the business since 1886, they started with fans and now provide humidifiers, vaporizers, thermostats, air purifiers and more.

Two basic cool-mist, evaporative humidifiers, the Care Free Humidifier and the Care Free Humidifier plus, come with several model variations and can cover rooms from 1,175 to 2,000 square feet, putting out between two and five gallons of water each day.

Hunter says its humidifiers are designed for minimal maintenance and don't have white dust problems. Some use regulated water release to eliminate stagnant water that can harbor bacteria and mold. They disperse water from the top to the bottom of the wick, allowing for even distribution and reduction of mineral buildup. Certain components come with built-in anti-microbial properties to further inhibit microorganism growth.

Permanent filter

The "plus" variety has a permanent wick filter that doesn't need to be replaced and can easily be cleaned, unlike others' paper filters. All systems come with a five-year motor warranty. Features include mechanical or digital humidistats, nightlights, dishwasher-safe bases and tanks, airtight and watertight tanks, automatic shutoff, and refill lights.

The vaporizer

A safety lock prevents spills and access to the heating element, a mist selector lets users choose the amount of steam released and the design reduces chances of tip-overs. As with the humidifiers, the Hunter vaporizer also contains anti-microbial properties and is dishwasher safe. Other features are a removable medicine cup for easier cleaning and a removable drain plug for emptying.

Varying reviews

Reviews of Hunter humidifiers go from one extreme to the other; it seems users have either loved them or hated them. They have also been given both less-than-desirable and best-pick reviews by . Complaints include the motor burning out, bad smells, constant cleaning, not covering the rated area, being noisy on high speed, leaking water, difficult cleaning and no warm-mist option. Most reviewers complain about the noise, some even when it's on low speed.

The good news is other reviewers say both the filter and reservoir are easy to clean and they like the shutoff feature and long warranty. Infrequent cleaning is also a plus for some.

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