Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Sunbeam Humidifiers

Tabletop units and child-friendly looks

Low-priced portable humidifiers and vaporizers are the specialty of Sunbeam. They don't make whole-home humidifiers or units for more than one room.

Impeller, ultrasonic and vaporizer technologies are the standard for most of the products, and there is varying use of filters, sanitizers and controls. One evaporative unit was rated well by Consumer Reports.


Some Sunbeam models have UV technology, and filters vary from anti-microbial, to baking soda enhanced, to none at all. There are monitors to signal when filters need to be changed and remote controls to run some machines. Most of the humidifiers will shut off when the water reservoir gets dry, and most have dishwasher-safe parts. A few promising features are a drying cycle to help eliminate standing water and permanent washable anti-microbial filters. Humidistats for controlling humidity, cups for medicated inhalants, tanks with handles and water level indicators are several convenient features. Obviously, not all features are on all humidifiers, so decide what is essential for you before making a choice.

For kids

A few of Sunbeam's humidifiers are designed with cute ocean-themed prints specifically for kids' rooms. Features like the internal nightlight and integrated sound machine provide tranquility.

Vapor without water

A waterless vaporizer is great for those with concerns about mold and bacteria growth in standing water. Disposable pads scented with essential menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oils can be purchased and will last about 12 hours.

What users say

Reviews are pretty decent for Sunbeam humidifiers. Users like them for their low cost, easy use and simple cleaning. Smaller ones are said to be great travel companions and work well in motels, dorm rooms and offices.

There are complaints that they are too small to work in bigger areas and don't run for very long continuously. Some models are said to be noisy, some to deposit water around the unit when in use and some to lack an adequate humidistat. Hard-to-fill containers and hard-to-find filters have also been mentioned. Many user reviews point to white mineral dust depositing on furniture, which can, of course, be helped through distilled water or demineralization cartridges. There is also somewhat of a consensus that the machines have a short lifespan, sometimes breaking in a few weeks or months.

Bottom line

Sunbeam's humidifiers aren't meant to humidify large spaces or be left running for extended periods of time. They are low-priced, simple and, for the most part, adequate for nighttime or travel needs.

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