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Vornado Humidifiers

User favorites for medium to large rooms

Vornado is a company with a simple mission: to give consumers "the best environmental comfort products" available. That's no small task, but judging from the majority of user reviews, it seems Vornado is close to living up to its own standards. One unit was ranked in the top three of a Consumer Reports review in 2004, and most of the products get excellent ratings from consumers (often four or five stars).

Evaporative, with wick filters, Vornado humidifiers come in four styles and cover between 600 and 1,350 square feet with two- to four-gallon water capacities. They are promoted for 24-hour operation and use either one or two wicks, which need to be replaced approximately once per season or every 30 to 90 days, depending on water quality.

The company says their vertical vortex action uses a spiral of air to evenly distribute moist air throughout the room and recovers heat off the ceiling to even out temperature.

The humidifiers' five-year warranties, coupled with no-leak systems and indestructible water bottles, make continued use a priority for Vornado. Handles allow bottles to be easily carried, and a flat bottom and a funnel spout on the mouth make for easier filling. It's easy to tell when bottles need refilling because they are transparent. The unit shuts off when the water reservoir empties, but the fan continues running until the next fill-up, drying out the wick and unit to help prevent microorganism growth.

What users say

Users like Vornado for its ease of use, quiet operation and simple refilling and cleaning. They also comment on the lack of white dust and inexpensive replacement wicks, as well as the added benefit of air cleaning on some models (although it's been noted that it's not as good as a dedicated air purifier would be).

Some negative comments about Vornado humidifiers have included filters lasting a lot less time than claimed, water feeding into the main unit and causing loud gurgling noises, large tanks being harder to fill and clean, inadequate humidistat humidity controls and an unattractive exterior. One notable comment seen often is that the casing is somewhat flimsy and almost impossible to move when filled with water. As such, the two-bottle units need a lot of space to allow access for refilling. In most cases, the comments didn't come with negative overall reviews, and users still gave Vornado humidifiers good ratings.

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