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Carpets are a major investment, so it pays to look after them.

With a little carpet cleaning care, it's possible to extend the life of your carpets for years. This can be done by purchasing the necessary carpet cleaning equipment, vacuuming thoroughly once a week and removing stains the moment they happen.

For general carpet care upkeep, regular vacuuming helps to remove grit which would cause wear. Also, sprinkling a carpet deodorizer over your carpet then vacuuming is beneficial for eliminating unwanted odors, such as pets, cooking or stale cigarettes. Vacuum carpet sweepers with a rotary brush action raise the pile as well as removing dirt, and work well on cut or cut-and-loop pile carpets.

Wet cleaning a very soiled carpet, especially wool or a wool blend, is best left to the professionals. To freshen up a lightly soiled carpet, use steam carpet cleaners, wet / dry vacuum cleaners or try the warm water treatment: rub lightly with a cloth that's damp but not wet, and blot each cleaned area with a dry cloth. If this isn't successful, try a carpet shampoo, using it as directed and making sure you don't over-wet the carpet. Better still, rent a shampooing carpet cleaning machine which sucks out shampoo, dirt and grit and leaves the carpet damp rather than wet.

When it comes to cleaning a carpet stain, always treat it immediately, to avoid it setting permanently. Working from the edge of the stain inwards to limit its spread, use a clean cloth to mop up any liquid spills the instant they occur. Remember to dab at the spill, never rub it, and scrape up any solids with a blunt knife, being careful not to rub them in either.

Most stains can be dealt with instantly in one of three ways using materials from your kitchen cupboards. You don't need to rush out and buy a load of carpet cleaning supplies. If any stain does not respond to treatment, then you can see if there is a dry-cleaning fluid specially made to deal with it. If the stain persists, seek the advice of reputable professional carpet cleaners.

  • Method A: Blot the stain with a clean, white absorbent cloth. When the excess liquid has been removed, shampoo with a dry foam carpet shampoo, making sure you do not over-wet the carpet.

  • Method B: Sponge the stain with a household dry-cleaning fluid according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not soak, as this may damage the PVC backing. Open windows and air the room thoroughly.

  • Method C: Sponge the stain gently with a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water. Leave for 15 minutes, then sponge clear with clean water. Blot up the excess water with a clean cloth.

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