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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Stylish design meets cyclone action

The first Dyson vacuum cleaner was launched in 1993, a long time after the Hoover was introduced. Creator James Dyson had actually been designing the cleaning machines for almost 20 years, some becoming front-page news and design award winners. He's added to those distinctions by being named Designer of the Decade, earning the British Allergy Foundation's seal of approval, winning the Industrial Design Prize of America and more.

Dyson's full range of products now includes:

  • DC07 - Currently the basic Dyson vacuum line, it consists of the Original, Pink, Full Gear, Animal, Low Reach and All Floors models. Prices range from almost $400 to over $500. Full Gear has extra floor-cleaning tools, Animal removes pet hair best, Low Reach makes cleaning under furniture easier and All Floors is an all-purpose cleaning machine.
  • DC14 - This vacuum line is known for its telescopic reach. Models include many that are in the DC07 line, as well as Total Clean, Drive (for vehicle cleaning), Full Kit, Full Access and Complete. Many of the models differ only in that they are available from specific stores or have slightly different tools.
  • DC15 - Each vacuum in Dyson's DC15 line is known as "The Ball" because of an ability to twist and turn. Less effort is needed to steer around objects since a simple turn of the wrist makes the vacuum swivel. Four vacuums make up the line: Total Clean, All Floors, Animal and Full Kit.
  • DC16 - The Dyson Root 6 is a handheld vacuum promising to provide constant and powerful suction. Its lithium ion batteries charge faster and last longer than many other types.
  • DC17 - Only one vacuum cleaner fills this line: Animal. It is the only Dyson vacuum cleaner with Level 3 Root Cyclone, said to be a super-efficient cyclone technology.

Cyclone technology

According to the company, dirt either clogs filters or goes right through them, traveling back into the room. The Dyson cyclone spins dirt, dust and hair around, separating them into a bin. The air coming out of Dyson's vacuum cleaners has less than 150 times the bacteria as regular air, thanks to a lifetime HEPA filter.

Most Dyson vacuum cleaners have clear bins, so the user can easily tell when they need to be emptied. Gray and yellow is the standard color scheme, although other choices are available. Dyson vacuums are generally more expensive than others, but many have five-year warranties.

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