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Electrolux is one of the oldest and most trusted vacuum cleaner companies. They now make a variety of appliances but started out in the home cleaning business almost 90 years ago. The story goes that Swedish businessman Axel Wenner-Gren spotted a vacuum cleaner and sought to make one that was lighter and cheaper and could be used in every home.


Electrolux has one impressive addition to the stick vacuum and hand vacuum categories. The Pronto 2 in 1 can be included in both categories because it is essentially a hand vacuum housed inside a stick vacuum. The handheld piece can be taken out for use on its own, or both pieces can be put together for use on floors. It's a lightweight unit with stylish design and can be operated in regular or quiet mode. A charging station gets rid of any cord entanglements and makes quick cleaning much easier to accomplish.


Electrolux offers three main options in upright vacuums:

  • Intensity - Three inches between the nozzle and the bag means increased suction power with this vacuum - up to 50 percent more, according to the company. Auto cord-rewind, fingertip controls and baseboard brushes are all features. There are indicators for everything from bag and filter changes to operating efficiency. A folding handle makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Oxygen 3 - This vacuum uses sealed HEPA filtration to capture fine particles. The MicroSeal technology grabs dust, allergens and small particles and prevents up to 99.97 percent of them from being released back into the home. A sensor system monitors performance and makes sure the vacuum operates at peak efficiency, and indicators remind you to change the bag and filter. Other features include height adjustment at the touch of a button, cord rewind and an accessory compartment in the back that also holds the hose.
  • Aptitude - The bright points of this Electrolux vacuum cleaner begin at its ergonomic handle. The soft loop helps increase maneuverability while reducing strain. Quietness is the focus here, with soft wheels and variable speeds to help keep noise to a minimum. A washable HEPA filter won't need frequent replacing and reminds you when it needs to be cleaned. Seven carpet-height settings and a 15-inch cleaning path make sure it can clean all carpets and do so quickly.


This group of vacuum cleaners is Electrolux's biggest. It includes the Oxygen, Oxygen Ultra, Oxygen 3 (including Ultra and Ultra Combination), ultra-quiet Harmony and more. One of them, the Twin Clean, is said to be the only bagless canister vacuum that can clean its own filter.

Electrolux vacuum ratings

Consumer Reports gives the Oxygen 3 upright a spot at number six. It is competitive except for a higher price tag than the others (about $400). The Oxygen and Oxygen 3 Ultra canisters are both in the top four of their category, and pricing is similar to competitors at around $450 to $500. The Oxygen 3 tops the organization's rating list for green canisters and is second for uprights.

Electrolux also makes the Eureka vacuum line, which, other than the under-$200 Boss Smart Vac Ultra 4870, is generally rated on the lower end of the scale by Consumer Reports. The Boss was given a Best Buy rating for good cleaning, low emissions and price.

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