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Original company still a popular choice

This vacuum cleaner company was the first to introduce the revolutionary machine way back in 1908. The Hoover dealer network that now crisscrosses the nation actually began right from the start, when the company offered free trials through reputable businesses. Several of Hoover 's firsts included a brush-enhancing agitator, disposable bags and the side attachment hose.

These days, the company continues its tradition of innovation. Products include upright, canister, and central vacuums, as well as steam cleaners, with several that have been tested by third-party agencies and found to perform well.

WindTunnel 2

This vacuum isn't just attractive, although it is very nice to look at. The innovations start at the bottom and continue right on to the top. WindTunnel technology makes airflow work with the rotating brushes to lift and trap dirt, ensuring it doesn't get scattered around. A hard-floor brush works more gently on uncarpeted surfaces, and pet-hair cleaning tools and easy grips for moving are just a few of the many options and extras on the WindTunnel vacuums.

The benefits of a Hoover WindTunnel vacuum

  • Edge cleaners get right to the walls.
  • Auto shut-off stops the brushes when the vacuum is upright, so all suction power can be directed to the hose when it's in tool mode.
  • A dirt finder senses when dirt is no longer being removed and lets you know the floor is clean.
  • A dial sets the height for different carpets and turns off the brushes in bare-floor mode.
  • A headlight illuminates the vacuum path in dimly lit areas.
  • An extra-reach hose adds eight feet to your cleaning distance.
  • The bottom-release dirt cup uses a button to easily dispose of collected debris.
  • The self-cleaning HEPA filter means you will likely never have to replace the main filter.

In a Consumer Reports test, the WindTunnel 2 was said to excel at cleaning carpet and hard floors and picking up pet hair. It also excelled in the emissions test. Some downfalls noted were: no full-bag indicator, lackluster tool cleaning and no self-propulsion. It was still chosen as a Quick Pick, though - meaning excellent operation and a low price (around $250) combined to make it a good choice for most tasks.

For a lower-cost and lighter upright model, Consumer Reports chose the Hoover EmPower and the Hoover Tempo Widepath, which come in at about $100 and $60 respectively. The WindTunnel Bagless Hoover vacuum was also a Quick Pick in its category at under $200.

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