Vacuum Cleaners

Kenmore Vacuums

A quality name offering quality products

Kenmore vacuum cleaners are about as good as current models can get while still being reasonably priced. The name has appeared on a number of Sears appliances, starting with a wringer washer in the 1920s. The Kenmore vacuum came to market in the early '30s costing much less than competitors and promising a full refund if purchasers weren't satisfied. These days, the name Kenmore is synonymous with quality, which is why it's found in many homes.

Kenmore vacuums range in price from about $50 to $500. The choice of colors is huge, with blue, green, red, purple, white, yellow, black, silver and more. Bagged or bagless, canister or upright, Kenmore vacuums more than cover the range of what most homeowners would need. HEPA filtration, included in many of the models, makes a Kenmore vacuum cleaner a great choice for those with allergies.


Kenmore 's line of upright vacuums is one for others to contend with. Not only was one model in the Progressive line rated Best Model by Consumer Reports, an independent testing organization, but it was also chosen as a Quick Pick and a Best Buy. Another Progressive model ranked third, with a Hoover separating the two.

Canister vacuums

Kenmore also leads the way in performance for canister vacuums. Two Progressive models sit in Consumer Reports' first and second spots, and another takes fifth and a Best Buy distinction. The only other company to crack the top five is Electrolux. Some Kenmore canisters come equipped with infrared dirt sensors that detect when a spot needs more passes with the vacuum. Others have lights to illuminate dark areas in the home. A number of features aid in the cleaning of stairs, furniture, baseboards and ceiling fans.

Floor cleaners

Carpet-shampooing and floor-polishing machines, not to be confused with steam cleaners, are also available from Kenmore. Choices are rather limited, but they are cheaper than many similar cleaners. Prices range from $100 to $150. While some user reviews have included complaints about carpet cleaners leaving too much moisture and power cords being too short, others have been very complimentary.

Overall, choosing a Kenmore vacuum is a pretty safe bet, considering that both organizations and users have recommended them.

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