Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Vacuums

Sealed construction and powerful filtering

This German company was around more than 10 years before the 20th century began although vacuum cleaners weren't added to the Miele lineup until the late 1920s. The Melior canister was the first household product to utilize plastic (for insulating electrical components). Noise reduction and shock protection were among the initial offerings in the company's promise to be "forever better."

S5 canister vacuum features

  • Maneuverability - Three 360-degree castors make sure the S5 is stable and moves well. A built-in travel ramp helps you take the vacuum over thresholds and around obstacles.
  • Long-distance reach - A lengthy cord means you won't have to switch sockets in the middle of cleaning. You can travel 29 ½' when you include the hose and suction tube.
  • Various power levels - Six buttons allow you to set the vacuum cleaner to work on areas such as rugs, drapes, carpets and bare floors.
  • Quiet operation - Enhanced sound insulation makes the S5 one of Miele's quietest vacuums.
  • Room for interruption - When you have to rush off to answer the phone or door, the wand can be inserted into a "park" system, where it stands upright until you get back. On some models, the motor will also be switched off.
  • Bumper strip - If your housecleaning leaves evidence in the form of scrapes along the wall, the Miele can help. A bumper strip protects the machine and your home from damage.
  • Tool storage - All Miele vacuum cleaner tools can be tucked away in the bottom of the unit.

Aside from these essential features, electrostatic filter bags and super-efficient HEPA filters (which only need changing once a year) combine with a tightly sealed system to make Miele great for those with allergies or asthma.

Universal uprights

An S160 series of upright vacuums is targeted to small-apartment dwellers and yacht or RV owners. A range of filters is available for the Miele uprights, and their construction is sealed to keep dust from escaping.

The bottom line

Miele vacuum cleaners, which usually sit in the middle-to-high range for pricing, have earned favorable reviews. Consumer Reports rated one model in the top 10 of its "Greener Choices" guide.

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