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Nothing adds as much beauty to your home as the rich gleam of a well-maintained wood floor. Unfortunately, many people who have a wood floor do not know how to keep them looking their best. Whether your floors are solid, hardwood or laminate wood floor planks, there are a few easy tips to follow if you want to prolong the life and beauty of your wood floor:

  • Dirt that is outside needs to stay outside. Use a good quality doormat just outside the door and a rag rug or area rug inside the door. Not only will this allow people to clean the grit and dirt off of their shoes, it will help keep the floors dry when it is damp or rainy out.
  • Keep them as clean as possible. Daily sweeping, with a broom, dust mop or broom sweeper, will help eliminate much of the sand and dirt that can scratch the finish of your wood flooring.
  • When moving furniture, be sure to lift and carry it if possible. Never slide furniture across a wood floor if you can help it – if needed, use a clean piece of carpet (fiber side down) or a moving pad to move heavier pieces.
  • Chairs and other furniture that are moved frequently should be fitted with adhesive-backed felt pads on the feet to avoid scratching or scarring of wood flooring.
  • High heels are not friends of a wooden floor. If possible, initiate a high heels "ban" on your floor. Invite heel wearers to remove their heels prior to walking on the wood floor.
  • Be sure to give your furry animal friends a pedicure on a regular basis. The nails of dogs and cats can damage your wooden floor if they become too long. Encourage your dogs to play outside or in a carpeted room, rather than on your maple or oak flooring. Skidding across the ash flooring of the entryway is not the best way for Fido to greet you. Train your dog to greet you calmly or confine them with a baby-gate or crate when you are away from home.
  • Spills should be cleaned up quickly. If possible, use a dry cloth. If the spill is sticky, use a cloth that is only slightly damp and immediately dry with a soft cloth.
  • It is essential to know what type of finish is on your wood floor. Though some wood floors may benefit from mopping with a damp mop, even the smallest amount of water will ruin other types of finishes. Be sure to use a cleaning product that is specifically made for wood floors.
  • Avoid scrubbing the floor with anything that contains abrasives. Solvents, excessive water and strong detergents should also be avoided. Do not use wax, furniture polish or dusting products. Be aware that though "oil soap" products may make the wood flooring look nice, they may leave a film that will prevent future refinishing of the floor.
  • Use runners or rugs on high-traffic areas. Keep a tennis ball handy to "erase" the marks left by the black heels of some shoes.

By following these tips, your wood floors should retain their beauty for many years.

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