Water Coolers

Culligan Water Coolers

Bottled water, rental systems or home delivery

Culligan's water coolers are likely the image that comes to mind when you think of water coolers: traditional stands with a 5-gallon jug on top that's replaced when empty. The company delivers jugs and cases of single-serving water bottles. Many of their water purifying products are NSF International certified.

The company's website provides basic information but is relatively difficult to navigate and often requires you to go to a dealer to find out actual services and prices. It's also hard to find user reviews on various Culligan systems.

Water coolers

A "care cap" makes handling bottles easier and eliminates spills when changing. Generally, Culligan owns the system and rents it to users for a monthly fee. There is also a monthly fee for water bottle delivery. Service and maintenance should be covered by the dealer.

Disposable drinking cups can come with coolers for use in high-traffic areas, although some may find it a waste more than a convenience. Because pre-bottled water is used, there could be some health concerns if the systems aren't kept clean.

Pitcher filters

Much like other pitcher filter brands, Culligan's filters last about two months and can filter up to 40 gallons of water. Some users have said the bacteriostatic filters also fit Brita containers.

Faucet filters or side-taps

A range of models for the do-it-yourselfer includes a variety of filters and features. All have a one- to five-year limited warranty and come with installation hardware.

Shower filters

Carbon block water filters reduce chlorine and odors. The extra attachment connects between the arm and the shower head without affecting height. It has a three-month filter. The other option is a filter built in to a shower head, which comes in regular or handheld. There are five spray settings, a five-year warranty and filters that last six months. They both offer 99 percent chlorine removal and reduce sulfur odor and scale.

RV and marine filters

Specially designed for their intended use, the RV and marine systems come with winterization kits and bypass fittings for extended periods of non-use. Additional features include:

  • Electronic reminders on some models tell you when filters need to be replaced. Others have dated stickers.
  • Filter cartridges come in a range of basic to premium and are numbered by filtration level. They can work for taste and odor or cover more serious contaminants.

If your water filtering needs are extensive, Culligan is the company to go to.

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