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Innowave Water Coolers

Top notch bottleless water dispensers

A network of over 100 independent dealers has been selling Innowave water coolers in the United States and Canada since the mid '90s. Headquartered in Nebraska, the brand provides plenty of information about systems, purification and standards, as well as having an informative and easy-to-navigate website. Their purified water is claimed to cost only pennies a gallon.

Extensive testing

The company boasts that some of their systems exceed top standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for microbiological water purifiers. Tests by the University of Arizona found that models 240/270 and uvf exceeded or met removal standards of 99.9999 percent for bacteria, 99.99 percent for viruses and 99.9 percent for parasites. Innowave tests their systems against National Science Foundation, Water Quality Association and EPA standards.

Filtering and sanitizing

Innowave water coolers use a number of filtering and purification methods, focusing on distillation as the most effective.

Distillation filters water almost as nature does. Water evaporates through boiling and leaves impurities behind. The steam moves into a separate chamber and turns back into drinking water. Post-distillation carbon filtration refines the taste of water in Innowave coolers, so it won't have the flatness distilled water is known for. Plus, it reduces chlorine.

A purity monitor measures the total dissolved solids in the water and stops production if standards aren't met.

Required maintenance

Twice-yearly maintenance by an Innowave dealer will ensure the water cooler continues to perform well. Other maintenance can include changing filters, softeners or UV lamps, and sanitizing once a year.

Purified Innowave water for every application

Some Innowave systems, like the 270H, can deliver water to various locations on demand, including coffee machines, ice makers, spigots and more. Each Innowave system has its benefits:

  • 270 - Three stages of purification include ion exchange (as in water softeners) to protect equipment from hard water, distillation for almost everything else, and carbon filtration to reduce remaining volatile organic compounds.
  • Chiller - This model includes a 5-micron sediment filter and a carbon filter, plus an option for UV filtration.
  • uvf - Micron and carbon filters are combined with UV light to provide a good defense against microbiological contaminants.
  • LF - This countertop Innowave water cooler uses UV and carbon block filters to provide enough water for a home or small business.
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