Water Coolers

PuR Water Coolers

Refillable water dispensers and bottles

Most well known for pitcher water filters, PuR also has a foot in the water cooler market. But they do it a little differently than everyone else, providing reusable water bottles and strictly at-home purification.

Two-stage filters

PuR filters provide one to two months of filtered water and cost less than most bottled water. A gauge on many systems measures remaining life and shows you when to replace the filter.

PuR filters work in two stages:

  • Stage 1 - An activated carbon microfilter reduces sediments like dirt and rust, agricultural and industrial pollutants and the taste and smell of chlorine.
  • Stage 2 - A pleated microfilter reduces microbial cysts, such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

Plenty of options

PuR offers several options for water purification:

Advanced filtering water bottle - For those who already have a water cooler but no longer want to subscribe to a delivery service or exchange jugs themselves, PuR sells durable bottles with filters built in. A universal design is meant to fit all standard water cooler systems. A bottle comes in two sections, the top half of which is removed for easy filling in most sinks. Total capacity is 5 gallons.

Refillable system - The stand houses a 3-gallon removable reservoir (the entire system has a 5-gallon capacity). The reservoir has a no-spill design and handles for easier carrying, making it a good choice for people who don't like to carry heavier jugs. When the reservoir is filled, water drains into a filtering system inside the stand to be stored for use. With refilling possible while some water still remains in the system, there is almost never the need to wait for cold water.

Refrigerator pitchers and dispensers - Like its competitor Brita, PuR sells a variety of pitchers and containers for small-scale water purification. The top half of the container is filled with water, which filters into the bottom compartment for use.

Faucet side-tap - PuR teamed up with Delta faucets to create a filtered-water-dispensing tap. An indicator light on the faucet lets you know when to change the under-sink filter. The three-stage filter includes a bed of minerals for improved taste, as well as better chlorine, agricultural pollutant and industrial pollutant removal.

Refrigerator - Kenmore refrigerators use water filters made by PuR.

Faucet-mounts - Horizontal and vertical PuR faucet water filters use two- or three-stage filtration. Controls switch between purified and regular water, and a filter indicator tells you when replacement is necessary.

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