Water Coolers

Plumbed-In, Bottleless Water Coolers

Point-of-use water good for home & work

The potential for bottled water quality problems if cleaning isn't kept up adequately makes bottleless coolers a welcome addition to many homes and businesses. Newer systems make it possible for bottleless coolers to be placed almost anywhere - usually through professional installation, of course. Most have durable tubing that can be routed throughout buildings. Best of all, no bottles means less plastic waste in the environment.

For those who love fizzy drinks, some of these coolers can even dispense their own brand of sparkling water, albeit for additonal costs.

Avoid bottle hassles

Companies and homeowners no longer have to find room to store the extra bottles of water waiting to be installed on the cooler or the often several empty bottles that are waiting to be returned to the rental company. Most bottled-water purchasing plans come with a monthly bill, which can become hefty if water use is high.

Once the purchase is made, there's the hassle of having to replace empty bottles with heavy and awkward full ones. Some companies avoid bottled water coolers just for the employee-injury potential alone. In a home where heavy lifting isn't possible, bottleless might be the only way to go. Spilling, another common occurrence when replacing water bottles, can also be eliminated.

Potential for money savings

Bottleless water coolers might not be economical for every home, especially since initial prices are higher - from $300 to over $800, depending on options like filters. But they are said to save money in situations where more than two bottles of water are used each week. It's hard to nail down specific costs because they depend on how much water is used and on the price of filters and service for each system, so individual analysis is needed.

Estimate how many bottles of water your family or business might average each month, and add up the costs of using a bottled-water delivery company or purchasing bottles on your own. The cost of a five-gallon bottle can range from $4 to $6. If the price of replacement filters in a bottleless system, coupled with the approximately twice-yearly professional maintenance required, is still looking good, you'll likely find benefit. Some individuals will simply prefer to pay a premium to avoid bottles in the home for health or aesthetic reasons. Bottleless water coolers can be much more attractive than their bottled counterparts.


Point-of-use (POU) water coolers can come with a variety of filters and sanitizing methods, and many come with two or three. If pure water is a priority, plumbed-in water coolers are among the best available.

Better coffee and ice

Many bottleless water coolers can be hooked up to other water-using and ice-making appliances for pure water throughout the home.

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