Water Filters and Purification

In-Home Water Filtration Systems

Easy solutions for drinkable water

The options are endless when it comes to filtering water in your home. Whether it's purifying a small amount of water for drinking or treating all water coming to the home, water filtering is becoming an essential cost for many people.

Point-of-use water filters

There are many options for filtering water before it is consumed:

  • Faucet-mount water filters - These handy water filters attach right to the tap and can be swiveled under the tap to filter incoming water or moved out of the way when not needed. Costs are relatively cheap at around $20 to $40, but some users have complained that water is slow to come out.
  • Pitcher water filters - These can be the cheapest way to get purified drinking water in the home. They fit under most taps and can be stored in the fridge.
  • Dispenser water filters - These are similar to pitcher filters but hold much more water and work well for big families. The rectangle containers are filled from the top and dispense water from a spout on the front.
  • Bottle water filters - Activated carbon filters, which are also used in the three previously mentioned filtering units, are applied in smaller amounts for water bottle filters. No matter where you fill up with water, it is purified almost immediately. These bottles, while convenient, can cost as much as some pitchers.
  • In-line water filters - These water filters fit under the sink and purify all water that comes through the cold water tap.
  • Line-bypass water filters - Also under the sink, these filters take water from the cold pipe, but divert the purified product to a separate faucet that's strictly used for drinking water.
  • Water coolers keep cold purified water at hand; some can be refilled from the tap.

Point-of-entry water filters

These water filtering systems are by far the most comprehensive. They are installed where water enters the home and treat all incoming water, not just water that's used for drinking. The cost for these systems is understandably much higher.

Whatever at-home water filtering system you choose, make sure the filter medium is meant for the contaminants you want to deal with. Some systems, like reverse osmosis, are costly but provide a high level of protection, while other water filters may be reusable or disposable and provide varying levels of coverage.

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