Water Softeners

Culligan Water Softeners

Known for tank exchange

Founded by Emmett Culligan in 1936, Culligan is now one of the leaders in the water treatment and softening business. The company operates by way of a series of franchises around the world and provides professional installation and rental services.

Almost all Culligan water softeners have been given the Gold Seal for performance and efficiency by the Water Quality Association. Their Gold Series was named Best Buy in 2003, and Good Housekeeping has given the company's softeners its seal of approval, too.

Return and warranty

Most dealers allow return of the units before 30 days if you're unsatisfied, but check to make sure. A limited lifetime warranty is placed on the tanks of models utilizing Quadra-Hull technology, a four layer tank that resists corrosion, rust and UV light and is said to outperform fiberglass and metal.

Water meters and sensors

An optional water sensor that activates regeneration only when needed - one of the most essential features on a water softener - is available on some models. The company claims it will save two tons of salt and 20,000 gallons of water in the lifetime of the softener. A meter to initiate regeneration when a certain amount of water has gone through is also available.

Plenty of options

Culligan offers a range of options to help you find the right softener for your needs:

  • Platinum Series - This series is the top of the line for Culligan. With the highest flow rates and capacities, the models in this series are designed for large homes and small businesses. A 1¼-inch valve allows maintained flow when several water fixtures are being used.
  • Gold Series - Good for homes of almost any size, the Gold Series is different from the Platinum in that the control valve is one-quarter of an inch smaller at 1 inch.
  • Medallist Series - This series has a three-quarter-inch control valve and a fiberglass-reinforced, corrosion-resistant plastic tank. A Medallist Plus series comes in a variety of volume capacities and has a 1-inch valve.
  • Outdoor Systems - Gold and Medallist series softeners can be installed and certified for outdoor use in warm climates with the option of three-quarter or 1-inch control valves.
  • Soft-Minder Twin Tank - Two tanks means soft water flows with no interruptions during regeneration, which is regulated by a water meter.

Culligan services

Culligan also offers:

  • Portable exchange tanks - A Culligan employee will regularly deliver and replace a portable exchange water softeners tank and complete maintenance, so you won't have to worry about anything - except a payment.
  • Salt N' Service delivery program - An employee will bring the salt and add it to the machine, doing a 10-point inspection at the same time.

User likes and gripes

Culligan water softeners and services have been called overpriced by some, but others argue that the extended warranty and easily found replacement parts and service professionals make the cost worth it. A great choice for those who don't want the hassle of looking after the softener, Culligan might not be right for do-it-yourselfers.

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