Water Softeners

GE Water Softeners

Powerhouse company with so-so reviews

General Electric, a well-known company covering many household appliances, offers several water softener models with varying options. Their website is one of the easiest to navigate, with detailed information about every system, including manuals, parts and photos. A few of the softeners have been given Gold Seal approval by the Water Quality Association.


GE offers the following water softener models:

  • Super capacity - For families of four or more, this softener can handle 45,000 grains of hardness per cycle. It fits pipes up to 1¼ inches and has an advanced electronic monitor that shows the soft water capacity remaining, average usage, flow rate, salt level and more. It's demand driven, with an LED to show status and an alarm to indicate low salt. The super capacity softener has a rated efficiency of 5,350 grains per gallon and can remove a maximum total hardness of 160 grains per gallon, as well as reduce iron by10 parts per million. This monster machine holds 200 pounds of salt at one time.
  • Extra large capacity - Two models fit pipes from 1 to 1¼ inches and handle 39,000 to 40,000 grains per cycle. Electronic monitors come in advanced or deluxe, which shows salt level and days until refill.
  • Large capacity - Families of two to three people get 20,000 to 35,000 grains per cycle of coverage. Pipes fit 1 inch, and monitors are standard.
  • Compact - With a capacity of 18,000 grains per cycle and 1-inch pipes, this little unit is perfect for small spaces and comes with a deluxe electronic monitor.

Easy and efficient technology

GE says their SmartWater softeners can learn water usage patterns, in addition to using up to 60 percent less salt and 50 percent less energy than other models. A simple bypass valve allows users to switch the unit off for hard water uses.


A one-year warranty covers parts and labor for the entire water softener. The motor has a two-year parts warranty, and it's 10 years for the resin tank.


These systems are designed for simple installation by almost anyone with plumbing know-how. An installation kit is usually included.

What users have to say

There have been many complaints about GE water softeners, including substandard materials, too-frequent regeneration, unreliability and poor customer service. They - and other brands, including Sears - are often called "box store softeners," which many forums tend to dissuade shoppers from buying, but which are ultimately some of the most affordable units.

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