Water Softeners

Kinetico Water Softeners

Nonelectric with a good reputation

Founded in 1970 by two engineers, Jim Kewley and Bill Prior, wanting to make nonelectric, automatic water treatment systems, Kinetico did just that, with machines that provide an uninterrupted supply of soft water during power outages or regeneration.

The founders' starting principles

Jim Kewley and Bill Prior based their product on the following principles:

  • A water softener should operate based on demand for treated water.
  • It should provide a continuous supply of soft water, even when cleaning and regenerating.
  • Electricity shouldn't be needed for safe and reliable service.


The force of flowing water switches Kinetico softeners from cycle to cycle. No electronics means less to repair and less to spend. Usage costs are limited to purchasing salt.

Kinetico Mach series

Twin tanks allow usage to switch back and forth, providing continuous access to soft water all day, every day. Overdrive comes into effect to use both tanks when demand is high. When one tank is exhausted, the soft water produced from the other is used to clean it. The tanks remove soluble iron and regenerate only when needed, as determined through water metering. High flow rates are possible thanks to 1?-inch inlet /outlets that can connect to plumbing up to 1½ inches in diameter. The company says their Mach series is 24 percent more water efficient than standard models and up to 75 percent more salt efficient than its competitors.

Worldwide organization

Authorized independent dealers, international distributors and manufacturer representatives work for Kinetico in almost 100 countries. The proprietary designs are sold and serviced through the dealer network.


Both the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International) and the Water Quality Association (WQA) have tested and certified various Kinetico products for criteria including contaminant reduction, structural integrity, performance and efficiency (some even meeting California's stringent efficiency standards).

Famous fans

Kinetico water softeners are used and recommended by spokesperson Dean Johnston, host of Hometime , a home improvement television show. The company says they've also been shown on This Old House , Bob Vila's Home Again , Good Morning America and the Today show.

What users have to say

Some people have criticized Kinetico softeners, saying they cost a lot more than other products with the same capacity and the efficiency claims are exaggerated.

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